Vision - Community First


New Westminster has always been a bold city. We are a community of people who get things done, confidently address new challenges, and show leadership. Our ambitions reflect the growing Metro region we sit at the heart of, but we still hold close the connections between neighbours, teammates, and the local business and volunteers that make our city home.

Through the last decade, I have worked to bring New West together, and to empower bold approaches to the challenges facing our community and our region. The knowledge and experience I have gained by listening to this community has made me more positive about the future of this City than ever before. I’m proud that this City leads the region in so many ways: protecting affordable housing, taking action on climate, supporting the arts and investing in our infrastructure.

We weathered the worst of the pandemic, and we got through by working together – residents and businesses alike. The past two years have reminded us of the importance of building resilience, of the need for strong public services, and the strength that is inherent in a community where neighbours connect and support one another.

Now is our time to build on that momentum. Time to be confident in the face of the challenges ahead. We can build a hopeful and realistic vision for this community we love, a welcoming vision to new neighbours, while also honouring those who came before us. We can build a stronger community by leading with our principles, and moving forward with compassion. This is good work, it is hopeful work, and I am ready to do it.

I want to do this work as your Mayor. I was honoured to receive the nomination of the members of Community First New West, and am excited to stand with this remarkable team of Council and School Board candidates representing the diversity of our community.