About Community First

Community First is an electoral organization formed to support progressive candidates in New Westminster.

Our Principles - values in action

Elected people are called on to listen and learn, to take action and make decisions. With these Principles we show some of the tangible actions, choices and priorities that we are committed to. 

1. Social, Economic and Environmental Justice

We work for social, economic and environmental justice. We prioritize equity, inclusion, anti-racism and anti-oppression in all forms, and are committed to every individual’s right to dignity and respect. We support workers’ rights to organize, make a living wage, and meaningfully participate in our community. We value a strong local economy and the contribution small businesses make to our city.

2. Reconciliation & Decolonization

We acknowledge the ongoing harms colonization has inflicted on Indigenous Peoples, and demonstrate our commitment to truth and reconciliation through ongoing learning and centering the voices of Indigenous peoples, especially the Halkomelem speaking peoples on whose territory we live, work and play on.

3. Climate Action & Stewardship

We commit to courageous action to address the climate crisis. We cherish and steward the land we live on and safeguard the waters that flow through our community.

4. Public Services

We believe in the public delivery of services people depend on and prioritize sharing the wealth and abundance of New Westminster through investment in public amenities across our community.

5. Social Democracy

We support social democratic values and principles.


Executive Committee - updated June 19, 2024


Chair Nancy Kato
Vice-Chair James Richardson
Recording Secretary Janice Meehan
Membership Secretary David Black
Fundraising Chair  
Youth Representative Jalen Bachra
Labour Representative Brian Campbell
Member-at-Large Debra Parkes
Member-at-Large Jennifer Moreau
Member-at-Large Orion Irvine
Member-at-Large Cheryl Greenhalgh
Member-at-Large Tanya Jarzebiak
Rep - City Council Jaimie McEvoy
Rep - City Council Tasha Henderson
Rep - School Board Marc Andres