Values - Community First


Our Values - what brings us together

Defining what is most important here -- to our families, our neighbours and our community -- grounds our discussions. These six shared values speak to what we believe in and how we approach political work.


The strength of community is the heart of New Westminster. It's a big part of what draws newcomers here and what keeps long-time families for generations. Community First is committed to building community -- from the neighborhood block party to the strong community services that keep us connected. We believe everyone belongs in community, working together makes us all stronger, and our connections are what make life rich.

Results Matter

We build strong local services and public schools, delivered to the highest standard with accountability and transparency. We value competence, creativity and determination.

Caring & Inclusion

In New Westminster we take care of each other. We pitch in during tough times and look out for those who need support. We welcome everyone to have a voice and be heard -- whether you have been here for generations or are new on the block.


We strive to live in balance with the land and water and steward these for future generations. We support a thriving locally-based economy that sustains local employment, innovation and opportunity.


Our region's affordability and sustainability challenges require strong leadership now. We tackle complex issues with care and courage and make choices that put people first.


We believe people working together through local politics can make communities better for people. We choose optimism, action and service to the future.

We think these values are New Westminster's values. If you agree, get involved!