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Petition: Rent control for local businesses

I stand with local businesses!

Help keep local businesses local!

Sign our petition asking the Province to allow municipalities to enact rent control policies to help local businesses. 

Our local businesses and community-serving organizations are under tremendous pressure with rising costs impacting their bottom line - that pressure includes unpredictable and unsustainable rent increases.

Local businesses are telling us it's impossible to anticipate what increase they will face when their lease is up, and sometimes even before. As regional land values increase, landlords see a windfall while a small business holding a lease only sees increased costs. 

That's why we are asking the Province to allow municipalities to target commercial rent control policies to more fairly balance the rights and responsibilities of small businesses and commercial landlords, so everyone can prosper together.  

We want to ensure the longstanding small businesses that make your community thrive have predictable and sustainable increases to their overhead costs, like residential tenants in BC already enjoy. 


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